2020-11-26 Web Meeting

November 26, 2020
5:45 PM - 8:30 PM

Web meeting


Given our current "stay at home" isolation due to the COVID-19 outbreak,
our November meeting will consist of a web meeting from the comfort of your own home.

Please refer to the Notes section below for instructions to register for the web meeting.
Registration will close at 17:00 hrs on November 26, 2020.



Presentation -

This is one of a series of talks RKSec is giving on attack scenarios your VMP might not immediately alert you to, though their indicators are present in the results in the form of multiple lower-risk findings. In this talk we show how name resolution, in combination with attacking authentication protocols with some lack of session integrity can lead to domain compromise from either an insider with a domain account or even from a non-domain joined computer. The talk will discuss the relevant detects to look for in vulnerability scan results and how we piece them together in an attack demo.



Presenter - Mike Sues

Mr. Sues, co-CEO/Senior Ethical Hack Specialist with Rigel Kent Security, CEO/Vulnerability Researcher with Cryptid Labs and co-CEO of Invariant Security is an experienced Penetration Tester, Red Teamer, Vulnerability Researcher and Security Trainer with an extensive background in Cyber Exercises as well as operational Red Teaming/Penetration Testing and the identification of new vulnerabilities in applications and operating systems. Mr. Sues develops tools and exploits, specializing in the development buffer overflow technology for use in assessing client systems. In doing so, he has reverse engineered many commercial and custom UNIX and Windows-based and mobile applications as well as protocols and Operating System components to locate and analyze vulnerabilities or understand the software’s operation. As well, he has evaluated many vendor products, commercial and proprietary encryption algorithms, operating systems, network services, SANs, routers, and firewalls such as Checkpoint and CISCO PIX/ASA firewalls and has performed local host vulnerability assessments of firewalls, routers/switches, Windows Servers and Solaris/UNIX/Linux systems. Mr. Sues is also co-founder of the COUNTERMEASURE series of security conferences and training events held in Ottawa, Canada with the most recent held in October of 2020.



5:45 pm - Waiting Room open for check-in / Networking
6:00 pm - Brief welcome
6:15 pm - Presentation
(followed by Q & A)
8:30 pm – End of the event





  • CPE points can be recorded for attending, according to the relevant certification guidelines for CPE reporting.  A certificate of attendance will be sent via e-mail.